Family Camp Out

On Saturday, 5th December, we hosted our final event for the year. A family camp out!

The afternoon started with a buzz of activity, with moms trying to erect their tents, while the children excitedly tried to add some direction – pushing and pulling poles as they analyzed the instructions on the A5 piece of paper.

Two tents prooved more difficult that the others. . . The one’s instructions made NO sense and the other had NO poles! Fortunately for us, we had our resident “Tent Warrior”, Paula, who figured the one tent’s structure out after a two hour struggle, and managed to find some extra poles in one of the sheds and cellotape to link some broken poles together. This ensured lots of laughter from adult and child alike.

Paula, our tent warrior!

The evening came and the children melted some marshmallows on the fire and enjoyed the sticky sweetness, fuelling them as they ran around the camp grounds with glow sticks in hand until 10 pm!

Glow Sticks, Yay!

We woke up to the wetlands melody of insects, chirping birds and the ribbit of the frogs. While some of the children may not have heard these blissful sounds of nature, we know in our hearts that they could feel the tranquility of their surroundings as they slowly awoke to a new day after 5 am.

Later, we went to the beach and some of the children experienced the shark alarm for the first time as we watched the Shark Spotters speed along the exclusion net barrier to help some Nippers exit the water when a Shark were spotted in the distance. We explained the warning system to the children and they weren’t phased at all and continued playing in the shallow waters while we all looked on and enjoyed our ice-cream.

The Shark Flag Warning system. The White flag signals that a shark has been spotted in the bay.


We are grateful to Fish Hoek Pre-Primary, our venue partner, for allowing us the use of their grounds for the Camp Out. We also thank Pick n Pay Fish Hoek for their generous donation of wood, charcoal, cooldrink and marshmallows. For some of the children this was their first camping experience and we look forward to more families joining us next year – all children should experience the wonders of the outdoors.