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Your Child’s Been Diagnosed with Hearing Loss. What Now?

It is crucial for a child to have immediate access to the following once hearing loss has been confirmed by a Qualified Audiologist:

  • Immediate Intervention10404513_1062467730445572_2631762544072758126_n
  • Appropriate Amplification: Research and understand your child’s hearing loss. Your audiologist will guide you.
  • Immediate Access to Family Centred Intervention: Find organisations or schools that have a holistic approach and offer family support and resources.
  • Team Approach: Trust your team and equip yourself with as much information about your child’s needs and understand their hearing loss.
  • Parent Support: More than 95% of children with hearing loss are born into families with hearing parents. Grief, shock, fear and denial are all natural responses for hearing parents when their child is diagnosed with a hearing impairment. Parents find a lot of strength and support from other parents who have had to walk a similar journey.
  • Role Model: As children with hearing loss grow older, it is important to have friends who share in their experiences and guide them on the road ahead.
Educational Institutions

You may find support and guidance through specialist educational institutions. For a detailed list of special needs institutions supporting children with hearing loss in the Western Cape, South Africa, read here.

Claiming from SARS

If you are a tax payer and your child has been diagnosed with a hearing impairment, then you can claim tax back for all your expenses incurred relating to your child’s disability. This applies to all tax payers, even if you are NOT on medical aid. You can view SARS’ ITRDD form here. Contact us if you need some guidance.


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