Here we share some inspiring and thought provoking blogs written by parents and young adults living with hearing loss.

Bionic Tracy

Tracy Duncan refers to herself as a deaf blogger who shares her daily experiences that led to her recent cochlear implant operation. She also writes about adjusting to new sounds after her activation and cochlear confidence.


Ashleigh Bredeveldt, is a passionate hip-hop dancer and surfer. She is also a Decibels of Love support, and she blogs about growing up deaf with her twin sister, Nicole.


Chevone Petersen, founder of Decibels of Love, often blogs about hearing loss, growing up with a deaf father and raising a son with a hearing impairment. She wrote  “Where Do We Find Others Like Us On The Parenting Journey?” for Hands & Voices, and international NPO.


Jonene Johnson blogs about her journey to acceptance and the realization that she’s been trying to build a puzzle with all the wrong puzzle pieces. Jonene’s daugher is a cochlear implant recipient and is also part of the Decibels of Love family.

Mothering Three Deaf Daughters

Bianca Birdsey, writes about her experiences and daily life as a parent of three deaf children. She also founded the parent support group Thrive under the auspices of Hi-Hopes.



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