Decibels of Love, is the first volunteer parent support and advocacy organisation in South Africa that was activated by a parent FOR parents in 2014. Today, various volunteers share their knowledge to ensure that parents have access to information that empowers them to make informed decisions on behalf of their children.

Decibels of Love believes that if you reach one family, you reach a community and therefore, impact  on the greater society. Creating awareness and advocating for interventions one family at a time.


Empowered families taking ownership of their child’s hearing loss, motivating for early intervention and self-advocacy through parent-to-parent support, parent-professional partnerships and civil engagement.


Parent-to-parent support and empowerment.
Advocate inclusion, equal access to services and reasonable accommodations.
Cultivate parent-professional partnerships.
Create awareness to aid early identification and intervention.

Our work include:
  • Parent support and referrals
  • Awareness & Education
  • Regular Family Connect Mornings (children are always welcome)
  • Advocacy from grassroots through to government institutions regarding policies, inclusion & support with other key stakeholders
  • Written communications assistance to parents e.g drafting letters of appeal for fundraising, school application motivation, etc.

“Never underestimate the resilience of your child. Allow their world to extend far beyond their disability, acknowledge their challenges and cultivate in them, the infinite possibility to attain anything they set out to achieve!” – Chevone Petersen, Founder

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